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Valley Arms Shooting Supplies stock a good range new and used air rifles, Air rifle can be split into four main types:-
Spring powered:- spring powder Air Rifle are general the cheapest of the air rifles, spring powered can be split into

  • Break Barrel
  • Under Lever

Gas Ram:- not as common as the other air rifle but there is a few new rifle being produced from BSA and Gamo.
CO2:- there are a few nice CO2 air rifle on the market from the likes of Umarex, with CO2 you have the ability of having a multi shot Air rifle.
PCP:- are the top of the range in air rifle, they have no recoil, can be almost completely silenced and have the ability of be a multi shot air rifle.
Valley Arms Shooting Supplies stock air rifle from the main manufactures of air rifle Air Arms, Daystate, BSA, Gamo, Weihrauch, Hatsan, Stoeger and Umarex, We stock Air rifles in both .177 and .22.

So weather you are looking for your first Air rifle, an Air Rifle for pest control, for Hunter Field Target (HFT) or just plinking in the garden give us a call and speak to one of our friendly members of staff and we will help you find the right Air Rifle to suit your need.


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